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Sleep Equals Success: Why Entrepreneurs Should Get More Shut-Eye

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In a world where it seems that most adults don’t get enough sleep, it’s easy to think that chronic sleep deprivation is normal. Well, it’s not. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can cause a host of problems, including moodiness and poor judgment. When you are an entrepreneur, you can’t afford either of these.

Sleep isn’t negotiable

As a small business owner, there are likely many reasons that you have trouble falling – and staying – asleep. Perhaps you worry at night that you did not accomplish enough during the day. You might spend your evening hours coordinating schedules, planning projects, or responding to emails you missed during the day. Unfortunately, doing all of this at home can lead to a poor work/life balance, and usually, the first area that suffers is your sleep routine.

According to Empire Flippers, “A good night’s rest is essential for being productive.” In other words, if you don’t get enough sleep, your business is going to suffer. That can lead to stress, which can have an even further negative effect on your ability to wind down. If you’re wondering how, exactly, you can create a restful environment to get the sleep you need, keep reading.

Routine redefined

The first step in changing the way you sleep is changing the way you approach the process. Start by saying sayonara to the screens in the hours before bedtime. Blue light emission from your computer, smartphone, or tablet is a trigger for your brain to stay awake. This does not mean that all technology in the bedroom is bad, and as Angie’s List explains, there are many new tools and gadgets that can actually promote healthy sleep and wake patterns.

Once you have the technology out of the way, look at your schedule. You should have at least eight hours each night set aside to lights out. This should give you time to settle in so you can get at least seven hours of sleep, which is the minimum adults need daily. Getting on a predictable schedule is a crucial part of the process.

You will also need to take a look at your environment. If you suffer with back pain, for example, make sure to get a mattress that is supportive and allows you to rest comfortably in your preferred position. Make sure the room is dark and as quiet as possible. It’s wise to invest in heavy curtains and to use a sound machine to drown out noise and help your mind transition out of a state of alertness. Listening to pink noise when you sleep enables you to feel drowsy, and may also improve your memory.

Part of your overall daily routine should also be to prioritize what you eat and drink in the hours before bedtime. Avoid anything with caffeine, sugar, or alcohol after about 5 PM, and instead opt for a light dinner and a bedtime snack. Foods that won’t hinder dreamtime include treats like lettuce, pretzels, and tuna, according to Reader’s Digest.

Your morning matters

Your morning routine also makes a difference in your day. If you continually hit the snooze button, for example, you may wind up being even more tired. Mediflow explains this few minutes of stolen sleep is just enough time to enter into a new sleep cycle. When you don’t finish a cycle,  it can throw your physical and emotional balance out of whack. Watch what you eat in the mornings, too. Consuming a healthy breakfast can help you make better decisions throughout the day, and lessen the chances of you succumbing to culinary temptation in the evening hours.

As an entrepreneur, you have lots of responsibilities, but one that you cannot ignore is the responsibility to yourself to maintain healthy habits. Sleep is one of the most important components of wellness, and it is not something that you should leave to chance.

Guest article by Julie Morris

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